Escape Allegan New Business Branding & Marketing

I just finished up this logo design for a fun new business coming to my hometown, Allegan, Michigan. New building signage is designed and in production, the Facebook page is alive, and we put up a "coming soon" page while we design the new website. There is no better feeling than helping a cool new local business launch and working with a client who is kind, easy going, ambitious, and motivated.

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Marketing... it works!?!?

What the heck are you looking at, you ask? This graph below is website statistics that demonstrate the power of marketing. See how that line on the graph starts out low, not doing much? Then see how the line bumps up around the 14th a little? This is demonstrating how the traffic to my client's website increased when we boosted a Facebook post, driving traffic to their website. See how it bumps up really far around the 22nd? That shows the increase of website traffic after we sent out an e-newsletter to their customer database.

Weird. Who woulda thunk... Marketing works!

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A New Business Gets a New Look

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Well, my client, Jamie Dentler did, and when he was ready to make that dream a reality, he approached us at Richmond Creative and asked us to help give his professional move a professional looking brand that would help get him noticed and give his new business a kick-start.

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