Meet the Hive

RC is a design agency driven to express our clients’ unique voice in every piece we create.

Authenticity is the core of our marketing approach. Each RC client has a unique fingerprint within its given industry, requiring an equally-unique marketing strategy. We’ll help you find your brand’s voice, get it out into the world, and connect devoted customers who really love your brand.

We specialize in creating websites, social media content, digital advertising strategies, email newsletters, logo designs and branding. Were also happy to create other print-related marketing and design projects, including brochures, business cards, catalogs, rack cards, and signage.

Our “hive” approach to projects helps us co-create and innovate solutions for conveying your company’s unique story, achieving your marketing and business growth goals, and staying true to your brand’s mission in the world.


Gerah dutkiewicz

Gerah founded RC because she loves working with clients, especially creating and brainstorming solutions to their marketing needs. Gerah has spent her career working in marketing and design, helping businesses of all types and sizes bring their marketing visions to life. Her experience includes branding, logos, print media, web design, signage, billboards, e-newsletters, photography, art direction, social media strategies, and content creation.


Ella Swift Redding

Ella has been working in the media arts for over 20 years, with extensive experience in journalism, public relations, marketing, project management, copyrights and royalties, merchandising, and music and video production. In addition to having a sharp design eye and savvy for all things tech, Ella is “swift” with words (heh heh), delighting especially in making complex concepts simple, colorful, and compelling.



Cat has been crafting beautiful design creations for nearly thirty years — and loving every day of it! In addition to being a designer, she’s an entrepreneur, yogi, daughter, and beloved friend, with a compassionate enthusiasm for how her skills can help your business. She’s also a bit of a geek when it comes to typography and color, often naming fonts and Pantone colors (to herself) wherever she goes.