Logo design is a fun and exciting time. For a new business or organization, it builds a basis for a brand. When giving an old logo or brand an update or makeover, it provides a breath of fresh air and sense of invigoration for the business and often for the employees, too. A new logo sets the foundation for the rest of your marketing materials and business image. It is the start of something great. The logo design process can be a quick one, or take multiple drafts and discussion, depending on the complexity of the project. One thing we can promise: the process will be fun!

Our logo design process starts with an exploratory meeting and discussion to get a better understanding and feel for your business or organization. After a project estimate is agreed upon, design drafts and ideas will be presented to you, followed with discussion, feedback, and collaboration. Once the "winning logo" is decided upon, the final files will be delivered to you in a variety of formats for your various uses (for creating brochures, signage, T-shirts, website use, etc.)  along with a style guide with the details of the colors and fonts used for your records and future reference. Once your logo project is completed, the foundation is set for the rest of your marketing, advertising and materials to be built upon.


Thinking about a logo? Let's discuss how to make your idea come to life.