Social Media and Band-Aid Marketing

In the beginning, many of my clients approach me for what I think of as "band aid" marketing. Often, businesses focus on just one aspect of marketing that they believe will be the magic bullet and answer to all of their business growth woes. I used to get a lot of "Can you SEO my website!?!" and I'd look at their website and realize it hadn't been updated in 15 years, they aren't tracking analytics, have an old-fashioned looking logo & print material, don't maintain a customer database, and have no social media presence (or a really boring one). I'd then have to explain to them that SEO is just one piece of the pie and that good marketing requires SO much more than trying to get your website to the very top of the search engine rankings list. Lately, it seems to me that "Social Media Advertising" is the new band aid. Now, don't get me wrong - I LOVE social media content strategy and 90% of the time for small to medium sized businesses, yeah, it could use some serious work. But! You can't put a band aid on social media and expect wild success if your website isn't also whipped into shape. It's a harmonious balance of good marketing tactics completed together in an organized manner - THAT'S when the marketing magic happens.